Friday, July 9, 2010

Stuff We Like

EMA - "Little Sketches On Tape" C32 (Night People, NP102)

This one has really been rocking my walkman recently. EMA is Erika Anderson (formerly of Gowns and Amps for Christ) recording folky songs about cartoon cowboys and runaway boyfriends into a severely broken (or at least highly questionable) tape recorder. What could have been a bunch of half-assed song sketches or formalist exercises in obsolescence instead comes across as something very personal and (to my ears) sad, the sounds of the tape recorder emphasizing the loneliness that's only half-present in her songs. The automatic voice-onset detector goes haywire during certain parts, causing notes to zoom in and out of focus in a manic way that completely transforms Emma's quiet, soft-spoken singing. Sort of riding an Alvin Lucier vibe in the way that technology obliterates human imperfections, etc. etc. Anyway, it's pretty awesome, my favorite thing to come out on N.P. so far.

Links: EMA, Night People