Monday, May 3, 2010

That Which Does Not Kill Us Only Makes Us Stranger

Sorry we didn't get back to you about that awesome demo CD that you sent, but the Hidden Fortress grand maestro got sideswiped by an SUV whilst on riding his bike through the busy streets of San Francisco last month (don't worry, he's OK!), and also decided to take up cognitive psychology as a hobby.

We're looking at some new tapes by the end of the summer including:

-Some heavy astral zones from plastic-drone shaman Eagle Chalice
-Weirdo loner-psych from a band that is maybe called Fake Teeth?
-A second edition of To the Stars by Hard Ways by Kid Wizard, and also a new long-ish tape. I think it's a concept album about hippogriffs.

Stick around and we'll see what happens!