Thursday, April 30, 2009


These guys come out May 1st.

EYESCRAPER - Skull Magnet
C30, edition of 30

Eyescraper is ascetic junk noise balladeering with home-made instruments and direct-to-tape recording. Growing up weird in the Midwest before translocating to hazy locales on the West Coast, psychic dualism and the struggle to fill spiritual voids with meaningful noise. Foci are ritual therapy, gender confusion, and alienated lonerism.

Instruments: voice, Ibanez electric bass, Lyon & Healy lever harp, DR-202 Dr. Sample, IKEA-brand cookware, and Sony variable-speed tape recorder

KID WIZARD - To the Stars by Hard Ways
C30, edition of 30

Kid Wizard is the pseudonym of Will Grizzly, a Bay Area DIY synth cosmonaut who writes anachronistic soundtrack music for Soviet-era science fiction films that never existed. Themes that inspire his work include space travel, the transhuman endeavor, and the passage of time as a form of personal loss.

Instruments: fake moog synthesizer, fake mellotron, Roland drum machines, tape hiss