Thursday, March 19, 2009

Berkeley, CA

Music in our backyard seems to mostly consist of amateur guitar acousmatics and maddening thrash/ska hybrids. 924 Gilman Street we blame you. The worst music in the world seems like it could be the best thing, but then it isn't, and this is the delineation between idea and reality. If it all took place in basements I'd probably be feeling it more, but nobody has a basement around here.

Anyway we keep on pumping/dumping. Kid Wizard's C30 is almost officially done (promos ship next week, or as soon as we get the cassette labels printed). But go ahead and pre-order if you can feel the outer space vibes pulsing in your location. Eyescraper's "Skull Magnet" is recorded and just waiting for the dubbing and final tracklist, and after that comes Stylebiter and then Slurpee Stains and then probably something else.

Kid Wizard - Waste Lands